Welcome to the Divine Carrot

An intro of sorts:

It’s a rainy Sunday (and I mean it’s poooouring, so my scheduled jog is now entirely out of the question), my belly is full of oatmeal, some yeast is procreating merrily in a sponge of whole wheat bread in a bowl on the kitchen counter, and I just finished reading the last article in my yoga magazine. It’s a pretty quiet morning here in the bunny burrow. What’s a girl to do, other than finally start that blog she’s been thinking about starting for so long?

Welcome to the divine carrot! I’m an American in Munich, living the vegan life in the midst of a barren landscape of Weisswurst. Are any of my U.S. compatriots curious enough about their overseas vegan sisters to stop by and browse? Are any of my German neighbors remotely interested in hearing me gripe about the absence of vegan cheese in this country? We’re about to find out.

Lass es dir schmecken!

My first (short) post:

Brot: the staff of life, or chemically fluffed death food? Depends on where you go shopping – and how much of your monthly income you can afford to dedicate to groceries. This (German) yoga magazine had an article this month on the declining quality of bread – fewer nutrients, fewer grain varieties, more chemicals. We buy the wonderful organic whole grain bread from Fritz, but it’s €4 a loaf. We think it’s worth it – but truly nourishing your body with quality whole grains has to be a real priority before you will quadruple your bread budget.

The article’s glossy photos made my mouth water and put me in the mood to bake! So I put my arm muscles to work kneading a loaf of whole wheat millet bread from the Tassajara cookbook. And since a slice of warm homemade bread naturally needs a schmear of homemade jam, the bread needed two hours to rise and I had a kilo of ripe, locally-grown plums sitting on the kitchen counter… project no. 2 was born.


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