Vegan lasagna & vegan chocolate cake… on wedding china! Or, how not to relax.


Saturday Recap:

After weeks of out of town guests and throwing our own wedding bash, we deserved a break. A weekend of lazy lounging, chocolate

binging, wine drinking…. ahhhhh….. sweet siigh of bliiss.

In my dreams, anyway. Is that what our weekend looked like? Of course not. Immediately after breakfast my obsessively neat (and I say that with endearm

ent) hubby bunny decided we needed to clean out the refrigerator. No, not a wipe-down: a full-fledged assault on our (only 4 months old!) refrigerator which entailed emptying, dismantling, and applying indusrial-strength antimicrobials before re-

assembling and re-stocking. The poor

machine was huddled in the kitchen corner shivering with fear when Jan and I were done.

Oh – do you hear that background noise? He’s vacuuming. Voluntarily. Yes, I married the right man.

(The composition of this post was interrupted by valiant attempts to capture The Vacuumer on camera… umm…. hubby bunny not amused. No picture.)

Well, never fear: I quickly returned the kitchen to its usual

state of pleasant disarray by cooking tomato sauce from scratch and turning it into vegan tofu lasagna (a vague riff on this recipe).

We were SO EXCITED to set the table with our new wedding china and eat from our gorgeous porcelain for the first time! Tres chic, non?

And while the lasagna was in the oven, I whipped up this amazingly easy, mix-in-the-baking-pan (!) chocolate cake that, while not advertised as vegan, is in fact devoid of butter or eggs.

Well, at least if we didn’t manage to relax, we at least managed to feed ourselves well, right?


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