Meat! Meat! Meat!

Dear Gentle Reader,

People occasionally ask whether my meat-&-cheese-eating hubby bunny and I prepare completely separate meals. Shocking truth: at home we eat entirely vegetarian, and no, my spouse does not insist on asserting his rights to develop clogged arteries by frying meat slabs in our kitchen. Perhaps these sad question-posers have never heard of the words “compromise” or “happy marriage.”

When we have guests, though, I’m outnumbered. Last night we hosted a small dinner party to break in our wedding china (no actual breaking involved) and, yes, the menu featured a pork roast, accompanied by many a delicious vegetarian dish. Truthfully I don’t mind meat at our dinner parties as long as it led a happy life on an organic farm before its untimely death. In fact our parties have been the final resting place of the memorable “Charlie the Chicken” and “Sammy the Snapper”.

Yesterday’s menu:

silky tomato soup with tomato-parmesan dumplings (quite tasty, although the dumplings didn’t really hold their shape):

homemade carrot, parsley & pumpkin seed gnocchi (utterly delicious.  I may have eaten upwards of 15 gnocchi.):

pork roast with fennel seeds and pine nuts (I am not able to evaluate the success of the pork roast):

oven-roasted rosemary vegetables (sorry for the awful photo):

and an apple crumble that I forgot to take a picture of  …

served on our gorgeous wedding china!

I woke up to an absolutely perfect fall morning and will go for a run before preaching a sermon on the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. This Samaritan woman is a lot like “Sister” Mary Clarence (aka lounge singer Delores, aka Whoopi Goldberg) in the movie Sister Act – saucy and irreverent with a shady past and a long line of lovers. If I couldn’t belong to a church where it’s possible to celebrate characters like this, I wouldn’t go to church.

I may have watched Sister Act a few thousand times in my young adult life. I may still love that movie. I may still watch it from time to time when hubby bunny is away on business.

Thanks for reading, faithful subscribers (mom). Until next time!


One thought on “Meat! Meat! Meat!

  1. Hey Emily, although the pork roast sound really delicious, I am much more interested in your recipe for the gnocchi – as we are now eating (almost) only veg. Strange things happen when in India….
    Do you happen to have a link to the source of the recipe or maybe a cook book recommendation? Thanks!! :-))

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