Vegan Lunchbox Parade

A week’s worth of yummy vegan edibles, packed for the workplace! 

Monday: quinoa and kidney beans with sunflower seeds…. crunch crunch!

Tuesday was a double lunchbox day…. yes, that’s right, my hubby bunny is slowly but surely getting converted!

Wednesday….the Brussels Sprouts I had to eat alone…. so strange, but my spouse turned this one down! 😉 (he is a hater of sprouts in all forms, whether Brussels or alfalfa)

Frozen veggies are always kept on hand for lazy days and get popped in the microwave at work… yes, some mornings even I sleep in! 🙂 

Friday I had the leftover broccoli lentil soup, but didn’t take a picture. All of my colleagues seemed to be on the save mental wavelength, because there were about 8 tupperware containers of soup all lined up waiting for the microwave in the lunchroom yesterday! I actually wished I had my camera with me to capture the soup parade.

Mmmmmm… who knew brown rice, veggies and tofu could look so yummy – and so utterly adorable packed in a portable lunchbox? Isn’t that infinitely better than a slice of greasy pizza or a liver cheese sandwich? You know it is!

p.s. for those living in the Munich metropolitan area, a customized vegan lunchbox can be ordered upon request for the bargain price of € 6.99 plus € 8 delivery by bicycle courier (me) at you preferred lunch time. But you have to give my tupperware back.


2 thoughts on “Vegan Lunchbox Parade

  1. If you were here, or I were there, I would hire you to cook all my meals, or at least pack a week’s worth of lunches for me. Everything looks delicious! Well, okay, not the tofu.

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