True Sunday

Some days you just have to call a time out. Today was that day for us.

And the weather was gloriously perfect. I adore autumn.

We went for a long walk in the countryside near the famous Kloster Andechs….

Then we sat by the Ammersee for a while and soaked up the light. The days are already short and dark in Munich, so I desperately needed an infusion of daylight. It was delicious. I felt like a sun-sponge.The day ended with curried sweet potato, lentil and apple soup. And some toasted slices of homemade zen master bread.

That was my perfect Sunday. Ahhhhh. Now I’m going to return to my glass of red wine, tiny piece (okay, large chunk) of dark chocolate, and the book I’ve been slowly savoring for the 10th or so time (what else can you do with a book about nuns?).

I hope you’re enjoying your Sabbath / Shabbat / day to just be lazy and feel how delicious it is to be alive.


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