After-Work Yoga Party for One

Many of my vegan blogging sisters seem to have proudly abandoned their 9 to 5s in favor of selling granola bars from the back of their station wagons and peddling green juice from a kale-ade stand on the sidewalk. Until word of my genius gets around and people start flocking to my blog en masse, though, it looks like I’m just going to have to keep getting up and going to work every morning. Bummer.

But damn, it is weirdly stressful to sit in one place and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours! It’s what I call “stationary fatigue” (the undue strain of non-physical labour performed for long uninterrupted stretches), and it often leads to such unpleasant complications as flat-butt syndrome. I hate that.

So here’s my tip of the day. I bust out of my concrete slab of an office building at 6:01 p.m. every evening and race home on my bicycle, putting me through the door at about 6:24 – exactly 36 minutes before my spouse walks in the door. For the past few weeks I’ve been utilizing these 36 precious minutes not to buy things from or binge-eat chocolate-covered raisins, but to whip out my rubber mat, 80s-style sweatband and hot pink stretchy pants to throw myself on the ground and do a short yoga session. No, I don’t mean deep breathing and OM and lying around and stuff. I mean a yoga session with enough intensity to hastily bring my butt back into 3 dimensions and shake me out of my work-a-day mental slumber.

Friends, you have to try this out.

Here are the benefits that an after-work quickie (yoga session!) can offer:

– take your aggression out on your yoga mat, not on your gerbil, goldfish or spouse!
– de-stress with down-dog, not pineapple upside-down cake!
– have a little chat with your body and ask how it’s holding up after all those hours conforming to the shape of your office swivel chair. A few more up-dogs? A headstand to return some blood to the brain? Don’t mind if I do!
– __________________________ (<– this is where you try it out and tell me what YOU love about your after work yoga party for one!)

You can stay tuned to this space for future tips, tricks and strategies for surviving life in a cubicle! Namaste, brotherhood of kale-consumers! I salute you, sprout sisters! Keep up the faith!



One thought on “After-Work Yoga Party for One

  1. I was a barista and waitress my whole life before graduating college and getting my 9-5 office job that I have now. It STILL blows me away how much more fatigued I am after my day job right now than I was after a day on my feet rushing around helping customers. I basically come home from work and put pjs on at 5. haha It makes no sense?!?!

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