Important Information for Granola Makers Everywhere

All this time, I’ve been making granola with real organic maple syrup, on the theoretical grounds that the flavour profile would be more sophisticated.

Faithful readers, I was in error.

As fate would dictate, this afternoon I found my granola-storage tupperware empty and my maple syrup stock run dry. So I made some granola with honey instead of with maple syrup, bracing myself for the worst.


Look at this clumping! My maple syrup granola never developed satisfying clumps like this.

I admit to having photoshopped my chipped nail polish out of this image. You can kind of tell.

Crunch Crunch Crunch!

Friends, neighbors, faithful readers, vegans everywhere, and my mom: in the future, I urge you to make every batch of homemade granola with honey, not maple syrup.

And add plenty of cinnamon, ginger and cardamon, ‘cuz I like it spicy!



One thought on “Important Information for Granola Makers Everywhere

  1. I wonder if it travels well across the pond??! In a pretty little tin! Yum! I have to say, you’ve “almost” convinced me to put aside my meat-eating proclivity. “almost” being the key word. My bacon/spinach quiche (which I made for breakfast) would be pretty hard to give up. Am I allowed to use meat words on your blog???! 🙂

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