Vegan Evangelism

No one likes a soapbox preacher or sandwich-board evangelist, so generally, in public spaces, I try to go about my healthy habits with stealth and good manners. I don’t wrinkle my nose at the smell of liver cheese, shudder with horror as animal fat drips from a colleague’s greasy salami pizza, or deliver public lectures about the benefits of a plant-based diet. I could, of course. But then I wouldn’t have any friends.

But I guess I don’t exactly blend in, either. Since the days are now so short I’ve been going running on my lunch break at work (the only brief window when the sun is above the horizon) and then just drinking a smoothie at my desk when I get back – and, yes, normally that smoothie is green. And a spinach smoothie is not exactly a subtle color.

One of my colleagues – we’ll call him Holger – has been asking a lot of curious questions, and I’ve been doing my best to offer quality answers (thankfully the German word for vegan is Vegan! ;)) I got super excited when he asked if I had a good book to recommend. Do I ever! I own every vegan/vegetarian book ever printed! After standing in front of the shelves of my private vegan library for a good 10 minutes and weighing my options, I decided to loan him Brendan Brazier’s fantastic Thrive as a starter, because it’s written from the perspective of optimizing sports performance with plant-based nutrition, and because this colleague is really into his sports training. He was excited! I was even more excited! I offered him some green smoothie, and he turned it down! Oh well. Small steps.


Spinach + dates + coconut water + ginger + 1 banana + ice cubes


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