A *free* desktop organizer!

You know how you’re always just downloading & saving things to your desktop, and things land anywhere, and now your desktop just looks like a junk heap? Yeah, mine used to look like that too – until I had a stroke of absolute genius and developed my soon-to-be-patented-and-sold-for-millions Desktop Background Organizer! Just download, set as your desktop background, and organize your icons into the right place. Voila!

In the last 48 hours this has made its way around my entire office. (We have ‘tests’ because I work for a software company, if you were wondering.) I’m even taking orders for custom colors. 😉 Damn! I am so smart!

After it’s become clear to you that my fabulous desktop planner has saved you immeasurable amounts of time, feel free to make a €5 tax-deductible donation to my Vitamix fund.



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