Vegetable Shrine

When I get to heaven, my kitchen will be an open, bright, well-designed place, full of VitaMixes and a bounty of fresh produce, any occasionally Jesus will stop by for a kale smoothie. Our current kitchen? Ugly. Old. Dark. Blah. It’s quite large by tiny European apartment standards (aka minuscule by American home standards), but it’s just…. ugly. It was custom-made by a previous renter who was a carpenter with dreadful taste: dark, heavy old wood with dark countertops and a nightmare grey vinyl floor. *Shudder!* But worst of all, he randomly attached a large, awkwardly-shaped piece of countertop to one entire wall…. with no cabinets beneath. WTF?!?!

(I can’t believe I’m even posting this “before” picture in public. Please don’t judge us too harshly.)

Clearly, my spouse and I could no longer live with this ugliness. Enter some brilliantly beautiful vegetable prints (a gift from my wonderful husband), an inexpensive IKEA kitchen element thingy, a Saturday afternoon, and some serious elbow grease:


A definite improvement! The next step is installing the spotlight that will shine directly down on the VitaMix, which will be prominently featured as the central element of the produce shrine. But, shh, that’s a surprise for my spouse…..  🙂


2 thoughts on “Vegetable Shrine

  1. Hey Emily,

    that looks great! Can’t wait to see it in person… (that’ll be a while, I’m afraid). I’ll just send my hubby over to have a look for me! 😉
    I suppose the previous renter was one of those persons who like to eat their breakfast hunched over a very small, cluttered table during 5 min of their precious ‘I don’t want to get out of bed’ morning time… As for me, I think there’s nothing better than eating at a nice dinner table. So your remodeling definitely gave the kitchen ambiance a huge boost! Enjoy cooking in your new ‘almost heaven’… 🙂


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