Vegan Lunchbox Parade

I’ve been going running on my lunch hour most days for the last few weeks, and after a long run I crave fresh, crunchy, salty, acidic, & bitter: chopped veggies with loads of lemon juice, fresh parsley, and herb salt, plus tofu for plant protein and sunflower seeds to bring the yummy. After a hard run, this makes me *so happy*!

And for a shot of green goodness, my salad is usually accompanied by an icy, frothy one of these:

Ahhhh.. happiness.

On Friday, I came sprinting around the corner of my office building on the heels of two sporty colleagues just as the rest of my department was heading out the door for lunch at some local greasy dead animal joint. We exchanged glances of mutual incomprehension. Well, as Kermit would say: “It’s not easy being green.”

Do you love the public library? I can tell you one thing: the library LOVES me, because the sum total of my life’s late fees is enough to support a junior librarian’s salary plus health benefits. Someday I will have paid so much in late fees that they will add a extra wing to the library and christen it the “Emily Rose Sprout and Vegan Book Wing with Yoga Resources and Green Esoterica”.

Today I preached my last sermon for a few weeks, which means I may actually have time to blog again…. so! until soon!


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