Meine Ernte!

I was SO EXCITED to read an article this week about a new company called Meine Ernte (“my harvest”). (The article was in the magazine “natürlich vegetarish” of the VEBU (German vegetarian society)). For €329/year you can rent 85 square meters of organic garden! With a 5% discount for card-carrying VEBU members! (*embarrassed cough*)

They do the initial planting for you (do you think they can be talked out of this?), and then you care for the plants, harvest the veggies and can keep planting on your plot throughout the year.

Do you know what this means? My spouse and I will be planting more varieties of carrots than you can probably count!! (Would it be too much to rent two plots: one for my carrots, and one for my spinach, kale, lettuce and other divine beings?)

So while I’d love to write more, I am going to keep this post short and go spend some time browsing seed catalogues. Heirloom carrot varieties, get ready to GROW!



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