Fresh, Calm, & Clean: detox week!

It’s been a long month and I hardly had time to breathe (let alone write blog posts). I hate to admit it but my skin, body and mood show show clear signs of stress & abuse: blotches & spots plus a few extra Christmas cookies that took up permanent residence on my thighs. Super. That’s why I thought this week would be a great time to re-center, detox, and re-align. My spouse and I thought of going to a fancy spa for a week, but quickly realized that was a bit out of our budget. So instead, I’ve decided to hold a week-long at-home spa week & detox adventure to get the new year started out fresh, calm, & clean.

You know what really needs a total makeover? My morning routine. I always get up really early, but for the last month I’ve been getting up at 5 a.m. to work on editing some journal articles that were due last week. This led to me chugging tea and shoveling in a enormous bowl of oatmeal (yes, at 5 am!) to give me some energy to work, all while staring at a glowing computer screen in a darkened house and typing away. Blehck! Not a happy way to live long-term. You’ll see below my ambitious new plan for a different kind of start in the day.

Now unveiling!! My detox week schedule / plan:
1. Daily yoga and daily meditation (at least 20 minutes) – BEFORE breakfast (there’s the rub!)
2. Replace daily enormous bowl of cereal or oats with a juice or smoothie. (This makes me nervous – I normally rely on a surge of energy in the mornings, and I’m not sure a smoothie or juice will do the trick and keep me full and happy until lunch time. But it’s just an experiment, right?)
3. Replace daily pot of tea with detox herbal tea (*sigh*) (I have to keep telling myself that it’s just for the week!)
4. Drink water, water, water, and more water
5. Long walks in the fresh air & sunshine + plenty of swimming. (I’m taking a week off of running, because vigorous exercise is also a form of high stress on your body, and I just feel like I need a break.)
6. Diet: For the first 24 hours (i.e. Monday) I am going to have only fresh juices and smoothies to kick-start my detox. Then I will add only fresh, organic salads, soups, and lightly cooked meals for LUNCH ONLY for the remainder of the week; dinner will be more pureed vegetables (uh, hurrah?). Being a vegan anyway, I don’t have tooooo many bad habits to eliminate, but I am going to go the week without *any* sugar, flour, or caffeine.
7. Spiritual component: there’s no sense is cleaning out your liver if you’re not going to clean out your heart, right? So my week will also include prayer, meditation, and journaling (which includes but is not limited to blogging).

For fasting, juicing & detox guidance & wisdom I’ve just finished Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet as well as Clean by Dr. Junger (although I’m not following either plan to the letter). For spiritual guidance I’m currently reading Prayer of Heart and Body. And my yoga needs are largely satisfied by; I especially like the 60 minute detox video by Elena Brower.

Well! I’ll be back soon!




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