The Adventure Continues

I’m starting to appreciate subtle differences in color and texture:

spinach + cucumber + melon + blueberries + ginger

greens + cucumber + banana + blueberries + coconut milk

(see? #2 is totally blue-er. my diet is incredibly rich in variation these days).

In addition to smoothies I am consuming massive quantities of raw veggies, and yesterday I had some buckwheat crackers, blueberries, & flax seeds. I’m strangely not hungry, but I’ve had a killer headache since Monday.

Yesterday I spent the morning in the sauna at the incredibly beautiful, turn of the century bath & pool that is only a 5 minute walk from our apartment. (Don’t worry, mom, it was ladies’ only day). Can you believe I’ve never been in a sauna before? I’m a terrible European. It felt delicious. After each round in the sauna I jumped into the cold water bath. Brrrr!! Very refreshing.


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