sweet potato + red lentil + curry + coconut + love = yum

This week the monthly home group and Bible study for my church was scheduled to take place at our apartment. This meeting starts with a light supper and usually attracts a cozy 6-8 people or so. No problem! This week, though, I started getting an unexpected number of RSVP emails, until in the end I had 14 (!) people coming to our place for supper and study. Gulp. It got a little cozy. People were sitting on our end tables pulled up to the dining room table, as we ran out of chairs. But there was hot soup and fresh bread for all. In fact the bread ended up on the altar this morning for communion, because the woman who normally buys the bread for communion forgot. (And if you ask me, if Jesus is going to turn into bread, I rather think it would be sprouted whole grain spelt, and not some flimsy white papery substance.)

This soup, which is a mix of about 5 different recipes I found in the internet, turned out to be de-licious. I dare say Jesus helped. It’s in any case a new favorite. (This recipe serves 6, not 14 ;)).

sweet potato + red lentil + curry + coconut + love = yum

2 sweet potatoes
2-3 onions
2 cloves garlic
2 cups red lentils
1 liter veggie stock
1 can coconut milk
2 TBS tomato paste
2 TBS curry powder
1 TBS toasted & ground cumin
1 tsp toasted & ground coriander seeds
1 TBS fresh ginger, grated
chili flakes
fresh cilantro & thai basil, for garnish
toasted coconut chips, for garnish

1. Saute onion, add spices + tomato paste. Saute until the onions are soft.
2. Add sweet potato, saute until a bit browned & fragrant & yum-my.
3. Add lentils & broth
4. Simmer 45 minutes.
5. Add coconut milk, then puree the soup to desired consistency (I left mine a bit chunky)
6. Garnish with cilanto, basil, & coconut chips.
7. Schllllluuuuuuurp!! Share the love!!


One thought on “sweet potato + red lentil + curry + coconut + love = yum

  1. red lentils are awesome! This looks like it would be so yummy. I always make red lentils when I can’t think of anything else to cook or I am totally tired – so I’m sure this would be awesome and easy to make for a crowd!

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