Rain, rain, go away….

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI was out working in the garden today and brought back home lots of goodies for lunch, as you can see. No actual garden photos, thanks to the pouring rain that started while I was out there and my unwillingness to endanger my husband’s digital camera by trying to take underwater photos. I came home soaked.

I was applying some water-soluble bio fertilizer with the watering can when a pedestrian strolled past with her umbrella and looked at me like I had utterly and totally lost my mind: “watering” in the pouring rain!

The good, the bad, & the ugly:

The good: When we left for Rome there were only lovely white blossoms on the peas, and when we came home there was a PEA EXPLOSION – a “peaplosion,” if you will. The above photo is about 5% of the total pea bounty. I think I will try this recipe with my peas.

The bad: November-esque temperatures are not making for overly happy peppers and tomatoes. Next year I will stick with crops actually appropriate to cold, soppy Bavarian weather. Like sea algae.

The ugly:  We have a black aphid infestation on our lovely swiss chard “bright lights.” Little stinkers! It looks like someone spray-painted poppyseeds onto the plants. Ewwwww. I tried my luck today with a homemade onion-garlic tea that STINKS to high heaven. If it doesn’t scare the aphids away it will at least scare away any hungry neighbors who stop by! If that doesn’t work I will have to cut them down before anything else gets infested. *sob*

Until next week!


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