Hot tip! Gekruid! Herbs & seeds & teas & superfoods!

This is an ultra short post to give my readers in Germany a hot tip about Gekruid, a company based in the Netherlands that sells health food products (nuts, seeds, teas, spice mixes, super foods like chia and cocoa nibs, as well as all the grains and beans a vegan girl’s heart could hope for).

Those of us who have hunted down and purchased these items in Munich know that they are sometimes astronomically priced. A teeny-weeny, barely-visible quantity of chia seeds at our local Grünermarkt costs about what my kidney would go for on the black market. The only thing in Munich more expensive than the chia seeds is the real estate. ha ha ha. murmp.


Enter Gekruid, which is a kind of online version of the bulk bins at your local co-op. The prices are really excellent – far, far, far more reasonable than any organic bio-markt in Munich. The products arrive with no fancy packaging, just vacuum-packed plain plastic bags of goodness. My order of various spices, teas, grains, and a few choice “superfoods” arrived just 3 days after I ordered via UPS (free shipping with €30 order!) and the products are excellent.

Caveat: you will probably want to visit the site with Google translate turned on, unless your Dutch is up to par.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship to Gekruid whatsoever, and they definitely didn’t send me any free products. They should, though. If you’re reading, Gekruiders, I especially like chia seeds and goji berries, and you know where to find me.



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